The best promotional techniques (which you can try today)

If you’re looking for inspiration on promotion techniques, you’re in the right place!

We’ve prepared the best examples and ideas to help you increase your sales, even if you don’t know where to start.

I expect most of the promotion techniques of a product below to be new to what you have found on the internet so far. Especially if you’ve never interacted with the concept of growth hacking.

Let’s not take it any longer and get to work!

Techniques for promoting a product

Are you out of ideas?

I suggest you try advanced promotion on Facebook, it will help you increase your sales up to 3 times.

If you haven’t lived in a cave before, chances are you’ve heard and read a lot about promotion on Facebook, which is why I won’t insist here.

What I also want to mention, however, is that promotion on Facebook is getting busier and busier. If you just give “boost post” you have minimal chance of having positive results.

You should also use more advanced Facebook promotion techniques such as lookalike audiences or Custom Audiences

Here you have more details about the Pixel Training Strategy, the strange method that will help you work 80% less and increase your promotion results up to 3 times through Facebook Ads.

What you can do is respond to your product request through Google Ads. So if you’re in an industry where people are actively looking for products like yours, Google Search Ads is one of the best promotion techniques to increase your sales.

The main advantage of this platform is that you can directly address those prepared to buy.

How do you do that? Bidding only for words close to conversion, words like “price…” and the name of your product or “online store for…”.

The best part? We only pay when someone clicks on the ad. The cost per click varies according to several criteria.

Think beyond what your product does.

This product promotion technique works with other promotion methods and helps you draw attention to it.

For example, here’s what this brand of toilet paper has managed to do.

Let’s face it, toilet paper is not an easy product to promote and differentiate. But they, by amusing the benefits of their product in a funny way, even exaggerating them a little, managed to create a huge audience online.

And when the man is on the shelf, the first brand of toilet paper that comes to mind will be Charmin.

Think beyond what your product does, exaggerate its features.

Another example of this insurance agency can inspire us. They wrote an article about how we could react to an attack by… Godzilla (yes, the huge monster created by Ishirô Honda in the film first appeared in 1954).

The title of the article arouses interest, and between the lines we learn how much the authorities have to lose, (and then us) in the event of an attack by Godzilla. The fact that the Golden Gate Bridge is not insured can cost the authorities $1.3 billion.

But what if Godzilla walks down our street and destroys our house?

Although it may not happen on a conscious level, in our minds the idea is formed that although Godzilla is unlikely to destroy our house, other calamities can happen, and we can be left with nothing.

With such a product promotion technique we can both attract people to our business and present them in a different and memorable way how we can help them.

Here’s a list of other useful articles, guides, courses and Hackbooks that you can help in promoting your products:

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Sales promotion techniques

Giving a gift or bonus is a good sales promotion technique.

For example, if someone has purchased hairpins from you, you can send that person a pair of earrings as a gift to match those accessories. You can also send product testers (perfume, makeup) or certain custom products such as: T-shirts, caps, pens, magnets, vests, clips, watch, necklaces, clips, diaries, calendars, pens, etc. The sky is the limit here!

It doesn’t have to be physical products every time, there can be little attentions like a letter with a funny or inspirational message.

The moment you’ve snatched a reaction from people, you have a good chance that they will talk about you and recommend you.

Samples, coupons and promotions attract people like a magnet. We all know those custom stands that are in hypermarkets, where advertisers invite us to try all kinds of products or test certain new makeups or perfumes.

The strategy applies especially if we are sure about our products and their quality, as this strategy to promote the company requires that the potential customer have a direct experience with the product they are going to buy.

With regard to promotions and discounts, the world is crazy about them. How many times have you been able to buy something you didn’t just want because of the irresistible offer? Promotions are always the best choice. Not just in the offline environment but also online.

When we talk about samples, we’re talking about a win-win situation. Why is that? The brand is sure that the person who tries them the product is then willing to pay to repeat the experience and the customer is more willing to try something for free without other attachments.

The same applies to demos. Even if it’s not necessarily related to offline promotion, I think you know the free month offered by Netflix. Netflix is aware that once you enter that month for free you will become so addicted to their streaming service that you won’t give up, or even become a customer.

Even if the offer is a very good one, you have to be very careful about how you transmit it.

Other materials that can help you when it comes to copywriting and marketing:

– Learn how to increase your sales without investing more in marketing. Discover the most important marketing skill you need to master and whose importance will not go away.

– If you’re in the early stages in this area or want to learn how to promote your business/services/products online.

Promotion techniques of a company

When we talk about a company’s promotional techniques, the most important are content marketing or content marketing.

Content Marketing is one of the most commonly used promotional techniques, and even if it is not a classic strategy, it gives really good results.

Let’s say you’re a company that sells personal care and makeup products. You can start with a blog where you can give advice on proper skin care, proper skin hydration or makeup ideas. By doing this your audience will begin to trust you and gain love from your brand by simply giving them important information.

To provide more valuable content you can do “content upgrade”. Let’s say someone Googled how to do a certain thing and ended up on an article on your blog. You can, at the end of this article, come up with a message like, “Hey, if you’re interested in this topic, you’re sure to want to read our report on this.” And that person will download the report in exchange for the email address.

You can communicate the same thing using a pop-up, slider, or using a retargeting campaign. The basic idea is to make an upsell to the content, to offer something more valuable than what originally interested him.

This way to upgrade content can take different forms: guides, White Papers, eBooks; extra advice; reports/figures/statistics; a personalised analysis; a small script that calculates something, etc.

Think about it: “What can I offer those interested in my content to be willing to give me an email address or phone number?”

What you can do is answer the questions that are on the forums, this will build you authority. By doing this you can show those who have asked, or googled the answer to the same question and get to the forum post, that you know what you’re talking about and know your industry.

And usually when someone gives us a very good answer, we want to know more about that person. Thus, the man sees our profile and ends up on the site, where he already has a good perception about us.

Another thing you can do is create a referral system. Why is that?

System of recommendations

Customer recommendations are one of the most effective techniques for promoting a product. It is important that we ask them to do so, but also to motivate them to follow through on the invitation submitted. Double rewards work best in this case (offering a bonus and the recommendation).

For example, Harry’s, a brand offering shavers and other personal care products for men, created a contest and collected a list of 100,000 emails!

Even though 50% of them gave one immediately, they still had 50,000 potential customers. Not bad for a product that’s not even released yet, is it?

What they did exactly was create a page on the site with a form that you could subscribe to before launch and get a gift product from them.

It’s just that “magic” happens the moment after the subscription. Instead of a simple thank you and goodbye, they would let you know that if you invite other friends to sign up, you will receive other bonuses guaranteed. For example, 5 recommended friends receive a gift shaving cream, 10 friends a razor, 25 recommended shavers and 50 recommended shaving products for a year.

Example system of recommendations

Thus, they turned potential customers into promoters of the business. What you can do here is create your campaign using referral marketing software, such as Viral Loops. This type of tools helps us in two ways:

  1. I make participation in the contest easy, even if we do not have a completed website;
  2. They are made specifically for viralization. They are designed in such a way that, after a person signs up for the competition, they are “encouraged” to give the message further, to invite others.

We can reach the huge number of contacts that few marketing promotion techniques allow us to reach.

Restaurant promotion techniques

A promotional technique that you can use successfully is Influencer Marketing.

This is your brand’s association with an important person or star. With this promotion technique you become relevant to your audience, and customers will be able to associate your name with that person.

According to Smart Insights, the best form of Influencer Marketing is brand ambassadors. The role of brand ambassadors is to humanize and give personality to the brand.

If we sit back and remember the era of the Marlboro cowboys, this promotion strategy dates back some time.

We buy much easier when we see that an important person we know or love uses the same products as us. For example, the Kaufland store’s campaign with Smiley’s “Raft”, where customers have the opportunity to purchase the Smiley singer’s favorite products, put in a separate shelf. Or coca Cola’s popular ad with Selena Gomez, which garnered no fewer than 7 million likes on Instagram.

My advice is to make a Google my Business account.

Promotion techniques of a travel agency

One of the promotional techniques you can use is Email Marketing.

Simply put, email marketing is a direct marketing channel through which we keep in touch with an audience and move it from potential customer to current customer with email communication.

Why should you worry about email marketing?

If you’re how interesting social media marketing you’re already used to going. A new social media platform appears, more and more people make their account, then the marketing people join themselves. At first, they have extraordinary results with minimal costs. But then, slowly, slowly, they start to decline, until you get into situations, as is the case today on Facebook, when only 3% of those who gave you like the page see your posts on average.

The truth is that in social media marketing, as well as in other marketing promotion techniques, we do not have control over communication with the audience. However well things are going at some point, however, we depend on the changes that can take place within these platforms.

This is not the case with email marketing. The main advantage of this communication channel is that you have control over your relationship with the audience. No CEO can come and tell you that if you want to reach your audience, you have to pay extra.

Even if, say, you make a change from one email platform to another, the database of email addresses is still yours and you can continue your job without much trouble.  If you want to go from Facebook to Snapchat but…

Beyond having control over audience communication, email marketing has other advantages:

  1. a) Can be automated. It is every entrepreneur’s dream or marketing man’s dream to have an automatic machine that generates sales. Email marketing is the tool closest to perfection to achieve this and we’ll see below how we can do it.
  2. b) You have low costs. Marketing platforms are much cheaper compared to other marketing methods. Their costs range from zero to a few hundred dollars a month, depending on how many subscribers we have.
  3. c) Very effective in increasing sales. Email marketing is among the best online marketing tools to convert potential customers. Especially at the bottom of the sales funnel, there are few better ways to turn potential customers into paying customers.

How can email marketing help you grow your business?

Depending on your project, you can use email marketing for different purposes. If you have a blog, the main goal is probably to bring people back to the site.

As an online store, you can do direct marketing campaigns or convert those who have abandoned a shopping cart with products in it.

These were some promotional techniques. I hope you found them useful and remember: without execution, nothing will happen. So get to work and implement them ?

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