Bad dragon and its alternatives

Masturbating gives women a chance to explore their bodies and connect more with their sexuality. If you practice this and are looking for a sex toy, you have probably come across different brands. We will discuss some of the brands that sell sex toys for women.

Bad dragon

This company has been making quality fantasy toys. It advertises its products on most cam sites. Most bad dragon dildos are fetish toys that have a unique appearance. The manufacturer also produces custom dildos that can suit the needs of different customers. These tools can look like anything, including werewolves, aliens, dragons, horse or dog penises.

The dildos from this company come in various looks, lengths, and widths that you can pick from. You can get a clear picture of these sex toys from bad dragon Reddit. Since the manufacturer of these dildos promotes animal sex products, not everyone is comfortable with buying them. Some people feel that bad dragon promotes bestiality through its weird-looking products. If you have the same views, consider the following alternatives.

Geek sex toys

This brand categorizes its sex toys based on themes rather than type. Some popular themes that people choose from include fantasy, Sci-fi, pop culture, superheroes, and Halloween. Geeky sex toys stand out since they come in unique designs that you may not find from other brands. The sex toys from this manufacturer are also made from body-safe silicone materials. You can also get useful accessories along with your purchase.

Funkit toys

If you are not a fan of bad dragon porn and are looking for an alternative, you can focus on this company. Funkit manufactures gender-oriented sex toys that you can enjoy using. It uses body-safe silicone material in creating sex toys to boost safety. You can get an affordable sex toy that you can use in different ways. The manufacturer also makes custom designs to help fulfill the taste of different customers. Funkit always listens to its customers while redesigning its sex toys.

Tantus Inc

Apart from the bad dragon dildo, Tantus Inc is another well-known manufacturer of quality sex toys. This company has been creating great sex toys since the 1990s. Many people choose sex toys from this brand since they are easy to maintain after use. You can find dildos that come with handles which are great for partner play. Tantus makes dildos that both beginners and pros can rely on. You can also get different accessories for sex toys from this manufacturer.

Vixen creations

If you are a cam model looking for good penis-shaped dildos, you can get them from Vixen creations. This manufacturer creates quality and long-lasting dildos. Vixen creations is a fierce competitor of bad dragon. These sex toys are mostly used in the production of clips since they are quite realistic. During online shopping, you will also come across rainbow-hued dongs from this manufacturer.

Fun factory

Whether you would like to explore sex alone or with a partner, you can always get the perfect toy from Fun factory. This manufacturer has been making reliable sex toys for decades now. It uses high-quality materials to create its dildos and vibrators and focuses on fun. You can get high-performing and colorful sex toys from this brand. Apart from dildos, fun factory also offers butt beads that can take things in the bedroom to a whole new level.

Select the brand you are most comfortable with and check the cost of sex toys before you proceed. All these manufacturers have a wide range of sex toys that can meet the needs of different customers.

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