Lovense interactive sex toys for cam models

In the past, most sex issues were considered taboo. During this digital era, cam models are more socially accepted. If you are one of them, you need to get interactive sex toys that you can use during different cam shows. This can help you make money from a studio or even at home.

One of the companies known for producing interactive sex toys for cam models is Lovense. This is a well-known company that creates amazing sex toys that you can use for solo play during cam shows. Read on to learn everything regarding interactive sex toys from this manufacturer and how you can use them in camming shows.

Here is a list of the camming sites that use Lovense products

SiteModel earnings
Camsoda5-7¢ / token
Chartubate5¢ / token
Manyvids6¢ / token
Stripchat5¢ / token
UfancyMe.05-.0€ / Token

The above websites cater to cam models with different body types. You can see that cam models earn different rates from these websites. You should consider signing up with a popular camming site that not only offers high rates but also protects its cam models.

The interactive sex toys from Lovense

If you want your cam shows to stand out, you should consider incorporating interactive sex toys from Lovense. These toys are designed to boost the visual aspect of your performance. They also give you a chance to involve your viewers more. Lovense has toys that contain features that are explicitly designed for sex cam performers. Some of the interactive sex toys that many cam models use from this company include the following:

Lovense lush

This unique pink wearable vibe enables lots of models on tip to vibe shows to earn profits. As a cam model, you can insert this interactive sex toy into the vagina and allow it to rest on the g spot for intense stimulation. It also comes with an antenna that is designed to hang out during use. Once you insert this sex toy, you should sync it with one of the camming sites through the desktop or mobile app. Your viewers get a chance to control your pleasure from different locations. Lovense lush is a stimulating visual toy that can make your cam show stand out.

Lovense Nora

Lovense worked closely with customers to come up with this vibrator that could fulfill people’s needs. This is different from a traditional vibrator since it is Bluetooth-enabled. It is designed to stimulate the G-sport. Lovense Nora comes with a rotating head, vibrating arm, and optimized shaft.

It can stimulate all the right spots during thrusting. This sex toy from Lovense is not only extremely pleasurable but also interactive. It is made using body-safe materials and features different vibration settings. Cam models sync Lovense Nora with camming sites and enjoy using it based on the tips made on the precise site they are using.

Lovense hush

Lovense does not only create interactive sex toys for women but also men. If you do anal shows and are looking for an interactive sex toy that you can use during such shows, you should consider Lovense hush. This is a vibrating butt plug that both camboys and camgirls can use.

You can either choose Lovense hush in medium or small size based on your comfort level. Once you sync it with a camming site, your viewers can control it. Lovense hush can help you spice up your cam shows and make them more captivating.

Lovense edge

Camboys can stimulate the prostate through this Lovense sex toy. Edge produces strong vibrations and comes with an adjustable prostrate arm. You can even utilize it in the bathroom since it is waterproof. Like other Lovense sex toys, this is an interactive product that you can sync to a camming site through Bluetooth. Once you sync it, the sex toy can interact with any tips with varying vibration intensities. It feels comfortable for both beginners and pros.

Lovense Ambi

The problem with low-priced sex toys is that they are of low quality. Most cheap toys contain toxic chemicals. Instead of using such toys, you should stick to high-quality sex toys from Lovense. If you are looking for a versatile bullet vibrator you can use during camming shows, you should consider Lovense Ambi. This has some unique curves that make it easy to keep the sex toy in the right spot. Many cam models choose it since it offers more powerful vibrations than other types.

Lovense Osci

Vibrators keep on getting better each day. Since Lovense introduced this oscillating vibrator, it has received a lot of attention from cam models. This does not work like conventional models. Instead, it contains a patented oscillating feature that enables it to move back and forth for enhanced stimulation. Lovense Osci also comes with an oval-shaped head that boosts G-spot stimulation. You can sync this unique vibrator with a camming site and interact with the tips you get.

Lovense Domi

Most wand vibrators are large, but Lovense Domi is not. This is a mini-wand vibrator that has a better battery life than regular wand vibrators. Lovense designs this sex toy with a unique shape that offers a secure grip during use. It is also designed to boost comfort. It is made using dual head rotating technology that makes this cordless wand vibrator quite powerful.

Lovense max 2

Some cam models also prefer using male sleeved vibrators during their camming shows. Lovense max 2 is an ideal option that can help you with this. This sex toy can sync with Lovense max or Lovense Nora for a more enhanced experience. This can help you keep things fun and professional during your cam shows. It makes it easy for you to market yourself as a cam model and can help you earn more profits.

How to connect these interactive sex toys to a camming site

Lovense connect app

Lovense provides an easy-to-download application that can help you connect one of these sex toys to your device. If you wish to sync either of the above toys to a particular camming site, you will need a browser extension. Once you have synced the browser to the Lovense Connect app, you can easily choose the camming site you have signed up with from the drop-down menu and then pick the tip and your preferred vibration level.

What are tip to vibe shows?

These are shows that have contributed to the popularity of camming. They give viewers a chance to control the cam model’s orgasms. Most token-based sites, Skype shows, and private-based sites have embraced tip to vibe shows. Such shows can lead to more profits for the sites and also cam models.

Setting up the Lovense Connect app to a camming site using different operating systems.

Windows PC/tablet or smartphone

Whether you are working with an iOS or Android operating system, you should start by downloading and installing the Lovense Connect app from the app store. Turn on both Bluetooth and wifi, then open the Lovense Connect app. Look for the section labeled add toys and click on it. Once you come across your toy, click when done.

Use your PC to install the Lovense browser. Ensure you turn off the antivirus software before downloading the Lovense browser. You should then follow the available download instructions online to complete this process. Once done, double click the .exe file that has been downloaded. If you are using Windows 10, you will see a notice. Click on more information, then on run anyway. You should then click next, then install.

Click finish, then launch the browser. On the Lovense browser, you will notice a particular icon that can help you set up the extension. Click on it so that you can log on to the extension. You need to enter your Lovense password and username to log in. You should then set up the wizard page. If you already installed the app and connected a toy, click on the Lovense connect button.

You should then scan the QR code that the browser generates to sync the app with the extension so that you can start broadcasting. If pairing is successful, you should be able to choose the camming site. Set the tip to vibe functionality, indicate the tipping tiers, and specify how long the toy is going to vibrate. If, for example, you have bought a couple of Lovense toys, you can pick the specific ones you want to vibrate for different levels.

Lovense Bluetooth adapter and windows pc

Start by connecting your toy to the Lovense Connect app using a USB Bluetooth adapter. Start by plugging the Lovense Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on a Windows PC. Open Lovense connect app and add your toy. Sync the Lovense Connect app program to the toy. Download the Lovense browser like in the first case, then launch the browser. Log in using your Lovense password and username. Look for a button labeled Lovense connect for windows and click on it. As soon as the program connects with the USB, you can choose your camming site.

Apple/ Mac computer

Start by downloading and installing the Lovense app, then launch it. Before you add toys, ensure that you have turned on both Bluetooth and wifi. Download and install the Lovense browser on the Mac computer, then run the dmg file. To start streaming video, you should install the Adobe flash player.

Once you install it, you can now proceed with launching the browser. Look for the extension icon and click on it to set up the extension. Use your Lovense password and username to log in, then click on the button labeled Lovense connect for mac. Give it some time to load, then choose your camming site and configure the settings as preferred.

Adding the extension to the Firefox browser manually

Disable the antivirus software and any ad blocker on your device before you start installing the browser extension. Once you have reached this point, you can now download the browser extension. This will show up as a zip file that you have to extract. Look for an xpi file in the zip file, then open Firefox browser.

Drag and drop the xpi file on the browser such that it opens in a different tab, then click add. Click on the browser extension icon to log in using your Lovense password and username. Once it loads, pick your camming site, then configure the settings accordingly.

Adding the extension to Chrome browser manually

The process is not very different from the steps we have highlighted above. Start by disabling ad blockers and the antivirus software, then download the browser extension. In Google Chrome, look for the section labeled extensions under more tools. Click on developer mode to enable it. You should then click on load unpacked to find the unzipped file.

You can now enable the Lovense extension. When an extension icon appears on the top right, click on it, then log in using your Lovense username and password. After loading, the screen will redirect and enable you to pick your camming site. Feel free to modify the tip to vibe settings.

The useful Lovense connect app tricks that you should pay attention to

Ensure that you remove the casing on your smartphone before making the connection. Doing this can strengthen the signal between the phone and your sex toy. You can also get a better signal by pointing your phone towards the sex toy. As you run the Lovense connect app, you should ensure that the Lovense remote app is not running in the background.

Lovense can help you make extra cash on your cam shows since it offers interactive sex toys that you can use. Apart from getting the right sex toys and connecting them with your camming site, you should also remember to invest in a good webcam and sexy clothing.

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