Running a free OnlyFans for promotion and social media

One of the subscription-based sites that have gained popularity fast is OnlyFans. This site gives you a chance to monetize your influence. It allows you to create a free account to promote your paid account. OnlyFans lets you lock your content behind a paywall and give your fans a preview of what they should expect once they sign up for your paid account. Since people are always curious, the preview can easily compel them to sign up. OnlyFans borrowed this concept from other social platforms that have embraced this idea.

When you create a free OnlyFans account, you will not be allowed to post any sexual content on it since doing this can make you get banned on different social media sites such as Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram. You should ensure that the content you post here has to be Instagram-friendly.

How free OnlyFans accounts make money

Since OnlyFans was established in 2016, a lot of content creators have been making significant amounts from it. People in the adult entertainment industry use it due to its unrestricted content policy. This site gives you a platform for you to distribute your content, get a following, and earn extra cash.

A free OnlyFans account can help you start earning through pay-per-view messages. Since such messages are price-locked, your fans can only view them by paying. You can also earn money by posting paid content to your timeline. When you start earning money from this platform, OnlyFans will pay you 80% of this and keep 20% as a fee.

What you can use the free OnlyFans account for

A free OnlyFans is important since it can help you acquire endorsers fast. You should use this account to promote your paid account. The more people see your free OnlyFans account, the more they can show interest in signing up for the paid account. Apart from that, you can also use the free OnlyFans as a backup social media account. Though most people now see the adult industry as any other form of business, there is still some stigma surrounding it.

Since the OnlyFans site is not very different from social media platforms such as Twitter, you can use your free OnlyFans account to gain a high number of fans. What else can you do with the free OnlyFans account?

Selling clips and photosets

You can use the free OnlyFans account to sell your photosets and clips at a discounted price. You can either sell them on your timeline or still use the unique messaging system. Ensure that you choose the most attractive photosets so that people can consider buying them.

Video/photo exchange or sexting

Many content creators use the free OnlyFans account to exchange videos, messages, and photos with their fans. Feel free to set certain prices for your fans to open different messages, just like what other sexting platforms do. This is a great platform that gives you a chance to exchange erotic photos and dirty talk with your fans at a certain price. Ensure that you have content to keep on engaging your fans.

Using a tip menu on this account

The free OnlyFans account can also help you make some extra cash by establishing an OnlyFans tip menu. You should come up with an on-demand tip menu so that you can keep on engaging with your fans and making them feel more connected to you.

Most people in the adult entertainment industry come up with unique OnlyFans tip menus. In this, you can include things such as custom short videos, custom photos, full-length videos, or talking dirty voice notes. While some people post this tip menu on their timelines, others keep it separate and charge extra. You should also consider adding captions to your tip menu to make them more captivating.

How to promote your paid only OnlyFans page

Once you join this site, you should consider having two accounts. One should be the free OnlyFans account, while the other one is the paid OnlyFans page. On the paid OnlyFans page, you have to post a lot of creative content that can help you earn. You should use the free OnlyFans page to inform your fans of different projects.

Cross-promotion with OnlyFans models

Since OnlyFans is not very different from other social media platforms, cross-promotion is possible. Not many OnlyFans models, however, like cross-promoting paid pages. If you choose this method of promoting your account, you should avoid directing your customers to another OnlyFans model since you may not be aware of the quality of content they have. When you have a free OnlyFans page, cross-promoting with other models becomes easier.

Being part of OnlyFans drops

Drops involve different OnlyFans participants who try to cross-promote each other at the same time. You can be part of this where you and other participants come up with a post that includes everyone’s links with a creative caption that can easily compel fans to click. OnlyFans drops only include captions and no videos or pictures. It is a feature that is common in the OnlyFans site and in other apps such as Telegram.

Obtain a large customer base

Every person that uses OnlyFans has to connect a debit or credit card even when one is opening a free OnlyFans account. You may be even be charged a certain amount to confirm that the card is still active. This platform creates a large base of users that can easily become your customers. You should ensure that you utilize the free OnlyFans account you create to send out enticing messages so that you can acquire new customers.

OnlyFans is a great alternative to creating a website

Coming up with a personal website can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. If you are in the adult entertainment business, you should consider opening an OnlyFans account instead. This is a great alternative to a website that is easy to create. It gives you a chance to connect with a large number of customers through posts that feature videos and pictures. With such an account, you can even schedule different posts and send your customers notifications on different deals. Most people in this business prefer OnlyFans since it is adult-friendly rather than creating personal websites.

How to get more followers on your free OnlyFans account

  • Join Telegram: Download this messaging app on your smartphone and start interacting with other models.
  • Come up with slutty links: You should come up with a vanity URL and get slutty with the link. Post this link everywhere and inform people that your adult social media is free for you to get more followers.
  • Give people incentives to follow you: People love free incentives such as exclusive photos, and they can easily follow you just to get such incentives.

How to link your OnlyFans accounts

The two OnlyFans accounts that you come up with should be linked. Click on settings, then accounts. Click on the section labeled OnlyFans accounts so that you can link them. Doing this can prevent anyone from using your content to run a fake account.

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