How to make money selling nude videos and photos

Nude videos and images are quite popular due to the emergence of social media platforms. If you wish to sell nudes through online platforms, you can do this easily. Many webcam models and cam girls have been making money from selling nudes. Before you choose any site, you should first determine whether you want to start earning through sharing selling selfies or full clips. Learn how you can start making money from selling nude videos and photos.

Subscription services versus charging nudes per piece

While some people prefer selling individual nudes, other models provide subscription packages. Both options can work. If you are still learning how to sell nudes, you can start with selling per piece. A subscription service can give you more cash since a high number of subscribers can help you earn more income.

The platforms you can use to sell subscriptions

Do you have some hot naked pics that you would like to share with your fans? If yes, you should consider selling subscriptions. Many models make some extra cash from premium subscriptions. Some of the platforms that you can utilize include the following.

Onlyfans– Get paid through this social network

This site gives you a chance to sell nudes online. You can also use it to share clips with fans that want to subscribe to your content. Onlyfans is a popular site that many amateurs in the adult entertainment industry use today. For anyone to view your content, they have to pay a monthly fee. This site allows you to charge different prices for your specialized content.

The subscription bundles on this platform come in the form of twelve, six, and three-month plans. If you wish to sell selfie content, you should consider signing up with this social network. Here, you can sync your camera with a browser and start uploading short clips. It acts just like any other social media platform and gives your fans a chance to comment and like your content. Onlyfans pays models 80% of their earnings. Apart from subscriptions, you can also use this platform to send locked content to some fans and earn extra income.


Though Ismygirl does not pay as highly as Onlyfans, it still receives a lot of attention due to its numerous features. Models receive 70% of their earnings from this social network. This is an adult Fanclub platform that has more features than the preview social network. Some of the unique features you can utilize from this social network include Snapchat and camming. This site allows you to sell custom videos and premium videos. Unlike Onyfans, Ismygirl features models on the front page.

Consider pairing videos with images for your subscribers

Now that you know where to sell nudes, you should find out what can help you earn a large following and more money. For you to succeed through subscriptions, you have to keep on offering high-quality content consistently. The problem with most of the services is that they can only be accessed through the phone. These sometimes limit models since one has to depend on the quality of their phone camera. Besides sharing photos with your subscribers, you should also consider sharing some short clips to engage the audience. These are actually easier for models since they save you from the hassle of always posing for different photos.

Selling individual nudes

We mentioned that apart from selling nudes through subscriptions, you can still sell nudes per photo. For you to sell individual images, you need a messaging app. Here are some of the apps that you can use for this.

Kik– This is one of the well-known messaging apps that many models use. You can use it to send individual photos to your clients. Apart from charging for photos, you can also earn more through this app by sexting. This app can help you interact with your customers without the risk of leaking personal information.

Twitter-Since Twitter is a frequently used social media platform; you can use this to sell individual photos to clients. Unlike other social media platforms, this is an adult-friendly site that allows sharing different forms of adult content. Make use of this marketing tool to sell nudes. If you choose to run a Twitter account to sell nudes, you should not forget to label your images as sensitive content. Your followers also have to verify their ages before they get access to your explicit content.

Sites that allow you to charge per message

Onlyfans– Apart from charging for subscriptions, you can also use this social network to send locked content. If someone wants to unlock such content, they have to pay for it. Charging per message can help you earn more cash on top of what you get from your subscribers. Some models on this platform prefer not to charge for subscriptions. They, therefore, set the subscription to zero dollars and start sending nudes through locked content.

Justforfans-Though this Fanclub platform welcomes people from different genders; it is mostly famous among males. This gay network can help you send individual nudes through messaging and get paid for them. It pays out models up to 70% of their earnings.

NiteFlirt This allows one to book phone sex calls and send messages to earn something extra from them. You only need a smartphone, computer, and sexy clips to start engaging.

Sextpanther: If you already have a large following and have been in this business for a long time, you can qualify as a Sextpanther model. This is a phone sex network that gives you the chance to send photo messages to your fans.

Squarepeep-You can also make money from sending sexy photos through this network. Though this network has not been running for so long, it stands out since members must pay a certain amount to uncensor images. When your pictures are uncensored, you will earn some cash. Though this is not as popular as other clip sites, you should consider using it since it can help you monetize such content.

Selling pic sets/ photo galleries

Most experienced models also do more than simply selling individual nudes. Once you have learned how to sell nudes, you can start selling pic sets and photo galleries. This option is not that easy, and it requires a lot of effort than simply taking selfies and sending them to your fans. Some of the sites that you can use to sell pic sets include the following.

Bent box Most of the content that people post on this site is often artistic in nature. If you are looking to take and post some classy nudes, you should consider signing up with this site. It allows you to start uploading your videos and photos in boxes. Once you have created a good-looking photo gallery, you can then determine the price. Models that work with this network receive at least 65% of their earnings. It pays its models monthly.

Modelcentro– Many models and influencers also use this platform to sell nudes. This platform allows you to come up with your own site and upload video and photo galleries. Every member that wishes to check out the gallery has to pay to access it. This platform allows models to keep up to 75% of their earnings.

Clip sites– As you look for the right platforms to sell nudes, you will come across different clip sites that support custom store items. You can use these store items to start selling photo galleries. Feel free to come up with a store item for every photo gallery.

Selling nudes per photo vs. subscription

For me to sell my nudes, I had to choose between these two options. Most models are confused about which option is better. I found selling nude photos through subscriptions easy to manage. This is because the option can help you reach a larger audience.

When you have more fans, you can make more money through this option instead of selling nudes per photo. This method can work for you only if you are consistent and post quality adult content. If you don’t have a lot of time to take many photos, selling nudes per photo is right for you.

How much should I charge for nudes?

Every model charges differently for their nudes. As you think of an ideal cost for your needs, you should consider the quality of content you are selling. Avoid setting too low or too high costs for your content. Consider investing in a high-end camera that can help you capture the best-looking images rather than depending on your phone camera.

Do not forget to watermark your content since this can show that you are the content owner and can help you promote it more. The watermark can be a URL or a unique logo.

Receiving funds for your nudes

Receiving payouts for selling nudes differs based on the platform you are using to sell the content. Your location also has an impact on this. Every site that we have highlighted above has its own set of payout terms. Before creating an account with any of these sites, it is good to check such details. Find out the minimum payout you can receive and the payout schedule. Most sites pay models through methods such as adult-friendly e-wallets, direct deposit, wire transfer, and check. Cryptocurrency is also a common method that models use to make transactions after selling nudes online.

Before you start selling nudes from any site, you should understand that not every platform offers the best payment method. You should avoid payment options such as Paypal, cash app, and Venmo. Such payment options are not the best to use since they are not adult-friendly. Sticking to adult-friendly payment methods can prevent your account from being flagged.

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