How to get started with AVN stars

If you are in the adult entertainment industry, you have probably heard about the new adult Fanclub platform known as AVN stars. AVN is the adult industry expo that came up with this Fanclub. AVN star is a social network that contains pornography and adult content. It gives people in this industry a chance to make money by posting photos, videos, and stories.

By joining AVN stars, you have the chance to create stories and engage your followers. This is a social network that many content creators monetize through subscriptions. Since AVN stars has more than a million visits every month, it gives you a chance to earn real cash through your adult porn content. It is also sometimes used for voting and nominations in AVN. Learn more!

How to get started with AVN stars

AVN stars is a platform that was developed for everybody. Performers, producers as well as other businesses can also join AVN stars. AVN stars age verification is also done during the registration process. It welcomes people of different sexual orientations and genders. If you are a model and you would like to start charging for services, you have to submit a copy of your identification card and W9.

How much can you make from AVN stars?

AVN stars models can earn 80% of all the transactions that occur on this site. This rate includes all services such as clip sales, pay-per-view messages, tips, and subscriptions. Apart from the 80% cut on services offered, AVN stars also has a referral program that leads to more earning. Affiliates can make a 5% lifetime revshare on all earnings for referring new performers to this site.

Receiving payouts

If you have been using this platform to monetize content, you can get your payouts on demand. Go to the payout section on the site and click on the withdrawal button. The minimum amount for payout is set at $25. AVN stars offer cashouts via Paxum or ACH. Once you request payouts, you may have to wait for at least seven days to withdraw your funds.

How models make money through AVN stars

As a model, you can offer different services on AVN stars that can help you earn some extra cash. Some of them include the following.

Run a subscription-based Fanclub

Once you join AVN stars, you should focus on Fanclub subscriptions. As you create posts, you should indicate whether the content is private or public. Everyone on the site can view public content. For a member to view your private content, they have to subscribe monthly. Your followers must keep on renewing the monthly subscription so that they can continue accessing your content. Premium Fanclub can help you make a considerable amount depending on the number of subscribers you get.

Selling videos

You can also earn from selling clips on AVN stars. Once you sign up to this social network, go to your profile page and click on the store tab. Drag your content here for it to upload and determine how much you will be charging for individual videos.

Receiving tips

As an AVN stars performer, you can also get tips from members. Such tributes are a way to spoil different performers outside the content that they sell on the site.

Live video

AVN stars also has a Go live feature that can help you stream different porn within your profile. If you wish to go live, you can broadcast to your subscribers only or publicly so that every user of this platform can see the content. Users can comment, like or tip during different live shows. Feel free to upload live porn videos at a price. If you have any concerns regarding such features, check the AVN stars FAQ section.

Additional AVN stars features

Social media features

Apart from being a Fanclub platform, AVN stars is also a social network. You can post public content to your public feed just like you would on other social media sites. Models also use this platform to promote their services and products.

Watermarking for videos and photos

This social network also has a setting that watermarks any photos or videos that you upload automatically. If you want to disable this setting, you can do this on the dashboard.


Thanks to the inclusion of the geoblocking feature, you can block certain users or particular IP addresses. AVN stars allow regional blocking.

Referral program

We mentioned a referral program to help you earn some cash for referring other models to this platform. The promotional link is set to go to the profile page. You can, however, add tracking parameters to the end of a URL on this site.

Producer/ studio accounts

Apart from model accounts, AVN stars also support studio accounts. Though this account is not very different from a model account, it is specifically designed for producers looking to earn some cash through their content. A studio owner that has certain models can also make some extra cash through the available referral program.

Integrating AVN stars into AVN

The main AVN news site has integrated its products into AVN stars in different ways. For instance, AVN lists their popular performers on the AVN homepage and links to their AVN stars accounts. AVN has been hosting different award shows doing voting and nominations through the AVN stars platform. They also provide different promotional tools for the nominees.

Consider signing up to this platform today.

Now that you understand the basics of AVN stars, you should consider being part of this social network. The platform ensures that you can register within a short duration and start making money from it. You can, for instance, make money through Fanclub subscriptions, messaging, and tips. You should also make use of the social features available on this social network to promote your content.

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