Selling Passion in the Sex Industry

As someone who absolutely loves small business and entrepreneurship, I always look at the businesses around me and want to help improve them.

Lately I was doing a little bit of adult backlink research and came again across Chaturbate (NSFW). Although the profile links are nofollow and semi-useless for SEO, I thought this would be a good time to examine the business model in detail and see how people are selling what they have to offer. I will also give a few insights into how some of these cam models could be making a whole lot more money on the site.

Selling Passion in the Sex Industry – read below

Diversify the Offer

The chats on here are sorted by number of viewers. You can also see how long the user has been live, their age & gender, as well as a snapshot of what was happening on that cam when you loaded the page.

On first glance, the most popular cams are, of course, young women. After that is couples and then other women. Last come the men and transexuals. No surprises on the popularity of the niches themselves.

Now, in the top row (most popular) cams you have attractive females who are all (or 90%) completely naked. They are well into their shows and have sex toys, like the Omibod, bedroom setups, and everything ready to go. The most popular content on the site, by far, is 19-22 year old beautiful women playing with sex toys in your standard/expected porn styles. By far.

Tip #1 – Assuming you’re not one of the hottest 12-20 people on Chaturbate, you aren’t going to compete very well for this market. This means you have to do *something* different. Now, from what appears on the top 20 at any given time there are several ways to diversify:

  1. do something dramatically different – I saw a channel advertising “I squirt like crazy” – yep, that will attract some viewers. The girl was not top-20 attractive but was making great money.
  2. be in a far more unconventional setting – I saw a lot of bedrooms & dorm rooms. Try something else. Can you cam from a balcony overlooking the ocean? Maybe not every day. But diversify your location. Or at least make your location really sexy & attractive. A messy room & non-sexy items detract from the setting.
  3. change your look – being unique is a huge selling point on this site. One girl has a voice so high-pitched that I swear it must be fake. A lot wear wigs, “nerd glasses” or sexy lingerie before/during/after their main shows. Realize that the top 20 are going to be all showing very light skin. A red dress, purple hair or something visually different will definitely show up.
  4. have a whole lot more fun – If you don’t want to be on Chaturbate, don’t be. But the girls who have the most fun and seem to truly enjoy what they’re doing make the most money. This job isn’t for everyone but if you simply stare into the camera, smile with your pretty eyes & shake your body a bit, you won’t make much. I’ve seen some girls take phone calls during their show as well as walk off-camera without a word.

If you don’t care about what you’re doing, even in the sex industry, chances are nobody else cares what you’re doing either.

sex industry

Teasing & Passion Are Storytelling

An expert pole dancer has a routine. They know the act and do it flawlessly every night. Webcam girls don’t seem to do this even though it would clearly make them more money. This is especially true for couples. “Did he just pull my hair on camera?”-face is not one you want during the show. People watch movies & tv because they tell a story. Figure out what your story is and tell that. Couples – there’s only so much money you can make by “10 tokens bj, 20 tokens penetration, 50 tokens 2 mins sex, 100 tokens 5 mins sex” on your set goals.

Watch other cams – see who tips & why.

People who tip the most are getting excited. Your entire job is to turn them on.

So what turns your viewers off?

  1. Staring into the camera – yes, you need to see what’s being said sometimes. But look away. Engage with your partner. If you do couples videos, consider what “sells” on video tube sites. “POV” is a big, huge keyword. So use a POV camera. At this very second, of the top 10 couples, only 1 is doing POV.  There is a couple on page 2 with a very attractive female sitting, fully clothed on a couch waiting for tips before she moves. She has a guy next to her … they’re making nothing at all. I looked in the room for about 15 minutes – 1 token tip and just 27 viewers. I believe that’s worth about 5 cents. If they were to go full on POV cam while she pleased him or he pleasured her? They’d naturally get many hundreds of viewers and many hundreds of dollars more in tips. Tell the story of this guy getting home from work. He walks in, she’s cleaning up, passion, etc. blah blah, it leads to X then Y – whatever your show is comfortable with. Give them the fantasy – what are people searching on tube sites? What are they watching when they aren’t watching you?
  2. Not doing anything worth watching – sadly, most people wait to do anything when they get tipped but the reality is the site seems to work the exact opposite. Those who are passionate and doing something hot get more tips. Waiters don’t get tipped during a meal, they get tipped at the end.
  3. Not seeming to be interested at all – I watched a very attractive, definitely top-5 girl last night who did absolutely nothing for the first 10 mins. Then she got a few tips and went absolutely wild. For the next 10-15 mins she got more tips than anyone I’ve ever seen on the site. Learn … learn from others. Learn from your own show mistakes. You’ll double/triple/x10 your money practically over night.


Passion and storytelling will take webcam shows to a much higher profit level. If your goal is to do these shows to make money then take them seriously, improve your story, do something unique from the other 20 girls on the top of the homepage (where all the money is being made) and promote your show.

For an example of someone doing it very well, check out (very NSFW!) Kittennischeeky on Chaturbate (I have no connection to this particular performer at all, just an interest in how businesses work.). Let’s see what she’s doing right: selling pics/videos to make more money off pre-taped content (great idea), has a short animated gif to connect with her viewers, funny profile bio (balding man from Brooklyn??), then a very clear tip menu. You want something? It costs this much. Very clear, very smart. Then links to her Amazon wish list, social media accounts, Youtube, etc. to push the long-term branding and cross-promotion of other accounts. Again, very smart. Then she has a business inquiries email address. Want to bet she gets more business inquiries simply from having that on there than others do because they don’t?

At the moment she’s chatting with viewers, she’s answering questions & being personal – a real human to connect with. She’s made about 300-350 tokens (about $15-20?) and has 1460 viewers while being fully clothed. Learn from great pages/performers like this.

Add social media links to your cam page to get follows. When your show goes live, push out a link or two during the night. Do you have your own page? Use social media & adult SEO to push your site and generate many return visitors.

It’s possible for you to easily double your Chaturbate & other cam-site earnings with a little polish. While we don’t offer much in the way of long-term marketing campaigns to webcam performers, we’re always available for consulting & some help with your overall strategy.

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