Adult Digital Marketing – Techniques and tips to Boost Your Business

Adult entertainment is a multibillion-dollar industry, so it’s unsurprising that so many people are getting involved, whether by opening retail locations, subscription sites, or as self-employed sex workers!

Despite being deemed “taboo,” search terms relating to the sex industry rank among the most popular online searches. Indeed, pornographic websites receive more monthly visitors than Netflix and Amazon combined! Let’s face it; by now, we’ve all learned that sex sells!

Our team at BMF Digital – an adult digital marketing agency – examined how adults market their businesses and services. By analyzing the marketing behaviors of others, our team identified several different techniques that they believe the adult industry is not fully utilizing.

It all begins by flipping the conventional external marketing model on its head. This is not a novel concept; inbound marketing has been a huge success in a variety of industries. The sex industry, on the other hand, appears to be catching up; many websites continue to rely on pop-up ads, month-long free trials, and low-cost purchase incentives.

Simply put, inbound marketing is the process of attracting potential customers to you. This is accomplished by piqueing their interest in adult digital marketing content, not by force-feeding them products and services!

Where do you begin when it comes to Adult Digital Marketing?

The traditional methods simply do not resonate with consumers any longer. Rather than that, our team of adult industry marketing experts recommends that you experiment with new marketing strategies.

  • To begin, recognize that this will take time. You must upload content or engage with potential customers on a regular basis. While this may take time, you will find that customers will be more loyal to you once you have earned their trust. “Easy come, easy go,” as the adage goes.
  • Social media is an excellent way for anyone in the adult industry to promote themselves. Simply ensure that you’re using the appropriate channels. Twitter would be a good place to start, as it allows you to be more assertive without fear of your profile being blocked or deleted. Make your content intelligent and personal; people who use your services may be vulnerable, and you’ll need to earn their trust. Never be afraid to respond to people on Twitter; the more direct interaction you have with your audience, the more trust you will earn.
  • Finally, outsourcing to a reputable adult public relations firm such as BMF Digital will enable you to be featured in industry-related publications. This gives your brand a more established feel and is an excellent substitute for direct mail.

There are numerous methods of adult digital marketing that you should consider.

We understand the challenges brands face when marketing to the sex industry at BMF Digital – an adult digital marketing agency. To expand on the preceding, here are three ways that our adult industry marketing experts can assist your business in reaching its full potential:


There are currently over 4.2 million pornographic websites available to internet users, accounting for 13% of all websites on the internet! So how exactly can Sweet Release entice visitors to your website? Our team of adult SEO experts will be able to naturally boost your brand’s search engine rankings, with results visible within three months of our engagement.


If you deviate far enough down the social media rabbit hole, you can frequently find yourself on the wrong side of Twitter, where the BBC no longer stands for British Broadcasting Company. That is precisely the environment in which your brand will thrive!

Our adult social media marketing experts establish connections between your brand and industry’s ‘experts’ and engage your followers. We’re experts at striking a balance between creating mainstream content that helps your brand maintain a positive reputation and reaching people looking for the “NSFW” content you’ve lovingly created for the entire world to see and enjoy!


If you want to achieve the same level of brand awareness as PornHub, you must market your business aggressively. There is no faster or more effective way to accomplish this than through public relations. Our sex industry public relations experts will increase brand awareness by utilizing our global contacts to secure coverage in print, online, and broadcast media.

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