How to make money while selling adult content and services on Manyvids

Selling adult content on an online platform is among the easiest ways to make some extra income in this digital era. If you have been watching Indie porn, you may have come across Manyvids. This is an adult marketplace site that has more than three million users.

Many people on this site buy photos, clips, and different services from performers. If you are a performer, you should consider joining this site since it can help you start making money through Fanclub subscriptions, phone sex, and other services.

Manyvids is a reliable site for sales, and it is equipped with numerous features. Bella French, the CEO of Manyvids, even has her store on this site. It is a Montreal-based adult marketplace site as well as a clip site. Since this site was introduced, it has grown due to its strong bond with the adult world and its sleek interface.

How to get started with Manyvids

If, for instance, you check Lana rain Manyvids, you can see how streamlined this site is. This site is not only meant to be friendly to viewers but also to performers. The adult-friendly site is easy to navigate and use. Most of the crucial settings are well organized so that you can make any necessary changes and even confirm your earnings without any problems.

If you are a performer, you can get started with this site easily. Sellers have to get verified via the approval process so that Manyvids can protect their identities. Begin by creating an account free of charge and enter crucial details such as your email, username, and password. You should also remember to submit a copy of your identity card. Manyvids only welcomes performers that are above 18 years and above.

This site protects the privacy of all its performers. Manyvids reviews applications and gets back to performers within 46 hours. For clips, you need to determine the kind of content you would like to sell and invest in the right equipment to produce the content. Consider getting a quality smartphone and a webcam. With time, you can make some changes to your setting by, for instance, adding a proper microphone and enhancing the lighting.

Who can sign up with Manyvids?

From Youthlust Manyvids, you can tell that this site does not discriminate against anyone. It accepts all kinds of performers, including females, couples, males, and transgender. Apart from that, Manyvids stands out since it also allows studio accounts. If you are concerned about your low budget, you don’t have to since Manyvids allows you to create an account free of charge.

What you can make from Manyvids

Content creators on this site earn different amounts. While some earn 60% of all profits, others get up to 80% of all earnings. You can make 80% on tributes and tips. You can also make such significant amounts on custom content requests and MV crush subscriptions. Apart from the services we have mentioned, content creators earn 60% on everything else apart from MV live, which has a different setup.

One of the things that makes many models choose Manyvids over other competitors is the ability to set unique rates. This is a site that can help you enjoy high earnings based on performance. You have to put in a lot of effort to start earning significant amounts from this site.

Before you sign up with Manyvids, you should also know when to expect payouts. This site pays its sellers on the first day of the month and on the 16th day. You will not be charged additional fees during cashouts apart from only when you use wire transfer.

You can start receiving payouts from this site through different methods. For instance, US checks have a minimum payout of $100 and are free to issue. If you pick this payment method, you may have to wait for 5-7 days to be able to withdraw your cash. Some performers prefer using ACH, which has a minimum payout of $50, while others choose Paxum, Entropay, or Cosmo payment. ACH bank transfer is a bit limiting since this method of payment is only available in the US.

How to obtain the new cummer badge

As a new performer interested in this site, you have probably come across missalice Manyvids. Every performer, including such popular ones, started somewhere. When you are new to this site, you need a new cummer badge. For you to get this badge, you should ensure that you have a profile picture, at least five extra pictures, and three videos.

These requirements can make it easy for people to find you. The new-cummer badge can give you lots of exposure since Manyvids features different new performers on the new model section. Once you get this badge, you might be the one chosen to feature on the site’s blog. Take note that this badge will only last for a month.

The services that you can offer at Manyvids and earn from them

Manyvids is more than a simple clip store. It gives MV stars a chance to make money in different ways. You can make money through this site while offering the following services.

Selling adult clips

The primary purpose of creating this site was to give performers a chance to sell their adult clips. To make money through this service, you need to upload captivating adult content and sell it through the site. Once you upload the clip, you should develop a compelling description and set a reasonable price.

Manyvids will add this clip to your profile and make it discoverable through the search function. This site is impressive since it handles not only content delivery but also payment processing. Even when you go offline, people can still pay for the adult clip and help you earn some cash.

Custom content requests

Some of the users on this site do not mind paying for a recording of their personal fantasies. If you want to make money by offering this service, you should record such a video. This service can help you earn more than selling pre-recorded clips. You should also negotiate whether the content is exclusive or not. If a user needs a private video, you can charge more for your effort and time. If the content is not exclusive, feel free to post it to your profile so that you can earn extra cash from different sales.

Phone sex

Though Manyvids supports phone sex services, it does not encrypt your call. If you want to offer phone sex services, you should consider getting a burner phone or opening a dedicated Skype account to boost privacy. Once you enable this service, the phone sex service will show up on your profile.

MV crush subscriptions

If you are looking for the most profitable service on Manyvids, look no further. This subscription service can help you earn up to 80% of all profits rather than 60%. With MV crush, every user has to pay a certain monthly fee for them to access your content. Your job will be to send them videos, text, and photos. Ensure you are sending subscribers high-quality content to earn from this subscription service.

Selling other services

Apart from selling videos, Manyvids also gives you a chance to sell your merchandise. If you want to make money through this service, look for the store section on your profile. You can sell anything, including stockings, panties, shoes, or sex toys.

MV live

This is also an extra feature that is available at Manyvids. It is a camming functionality that supports both private and public shows. Viewers here can tip with tokens for particular show goals. Manyvids makes broadcasting quite straightforward. You only need to click on the My live setup then enable the speaker and microphone access to start using it.


Apart from the numerous ways of making money that we have discussed, Manyvids also gives you the chance to make more by competing in different contests. This site hosts a model contest referred to as #winning Wednesday. Being part of this will not only give you exposure but also help you earn something. Site users often contribute towards the contest goal. You can get a part of what they tip.

More features available at Manyvids

DCMA protection

Manyvids has a service known as DCMA Force which offers DMCA protection to models. This service obtains a digital footprint for all content that is uploaded on the site. It then crawls the web looking for matching fingerprints. If DCMA Force finds your videos on another site, it will send a takedown notice. Doing this ensures that your content is not pirated to help you maximize profits.

Studio accounts

We mentioned that Manyvids supports studio accounts. If you wish to produce content that features different performers, you should utilize this feature. As long as you have an MVA star account, you can share clips of you performing with other models.

MV fetish

This is one of the subsections of this site that focuses on fetish and kink material. Some of the categories that you might find on this feature include hypnosis and mind control, financial domination, and pregnancy fetishism. Feel free to explore this category as soon as you sign up with the site.

MV revshare

The referral program in Manyvids is referred to as MV revshare. You can make extra cash through this feature by referring other performers to the site. The program pays out 5% of their earnings for every new model you refer to Manyvids. The more people you refer to this site, the more you can earn through this program.

MV Tube

This is a tube functionality that is built into Manyvids. It, however, has some key differences from other regular tube sites in that it has a wide range of content that performers release for user’s viewing. This tube functionality does not display any ads or contain pirated content from different users. Most of the videos that are uploaded on MV tube often cater to a particular fetish.

Performers can make some extra revenue when users watch these MV tube clips. An uploaded content on this tube site enables a performer to earn 60 cents for every a thousand views. Most models on this site also have an opportunity to charge for downloads.

Sign up with Manyvids today!

Numerous MV stars have been making significant amounts from Manyvids. You can also be one of them if you sign up with this site. This is a popular clip site that contains numerous features. Apart from selling content, you can also start earning cash on this site through phone sex services, custom content, and the referral program. This site welcomes people from different sexual orientations and genders. What are you waiting for?

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