How to be a camsoda performer

Would you like to earn more cash from home? If yes, you should consider becoming a cam model at Camsoda. This site pays its models for live webcam sex. All you need to get started is an internet connection, laptop, and webcam.

This site also gives you the freedom to pick the type of shows you would like to perform. You can interact with different individuals and show yourself on camera. To succeed as a cam model, you have to understand how this business works and find out the services available on Camsoda that can help you start earning cash. Here is more!

What is Camsoda?

This is a famous freemium chat site with a high number of performers in the adult entertainment industry. More than 600 models on this site perform live at any time. This platform welcomes people of different sexual orientations and genders. Couples, transgender, females, and males are all welcome to join

With this site, you can make a great name for yourself and get an opportunity to create a fan base. Every cam model on this site is taken as an independent contractor. This site can help you display camsoda ebony videos to your fans easily.

How to get started

If you are ready to start running your business through camsoda, you have to go through the registration process. Click on the sign-up button for you to become a cam model. You should then submit details such as your email address, username, and password.

You will also be asked for a copy of your ID for verification. This can show Camsoda that you are old enough to strip on camera. By asking for IDs, Camsoda complies with federal regulations. This site also promises to keep your identity private.

Before you start signing up on this site, ensure you have the right equipment. For instance, a working PC or laptop can help you start streaming the webcam feed. If you want a high-quality feed, you should invest in a webcam that can record in 1080p. A wired connection can give you fast and stable internet.

Everything you should know regarding payments

The cost of the Camsoda token varies based on the size of the package. Every camsoda model is paid a rate of $0.05 per token. Though this is the flat rate, Camsoda allows cam models to charge differently for private chats. Private chats go for $1.50 per minute, while spy shows go for $0.60 per minute.

Every Cam model is paid every week. You can get payments through different methods such as wire transfer, Paxum, check, or direct deposit. The minimum payout is about $20, apart from wire transfers which have a minimum payout of $1000. Each payment method does not charge extra fees. This means that every penny you make from this platform is yours to keep.


One of the things that make many cam models choose Camsoda is the level of privacy it offers. Since most cam models prefer keeping their real lives separate from their camming lives, they are concerned about privacy. By signing up with Camsoda, you can achieve this since it offers geoblocking. This site can prevent your cam from showing up in precise countries. If, for instance, you grew up in the US, you can block people within this country from viewing your content. This feature also allows you to block particular states.

Making money as a Camsoda Performer

Live webcam shows

This site offers various types of shows that different cam models can perform. You only need to choose the show type that you prefer the most. Some of them include:

  • Tip menu– This is a great way to compel your fans to tip. For instance, you can offer a pussy flash for 20 tokens or a nipple flash for ten tokens. Ensure that you are specific in your menu items. Once you set up a tip menu, engage your fans in exciting conversations and wait for the tips to start flowing.
  • Tip goal– This is also a simple way to earn cash from Camsoda when you have one objective.
  • Resetting tip goal-During a long performance, you can keep the audience more engaged through a resetting tip goal. For instance, you could remove a single cloth item like a sock for a 50 token tip.
  • Golden ticket-If you don’t want your viewers to watch your content without tipping, you should go for the golden ticket option. This allows you to develop an entry price that viewers have to pay before viewing the stream.

Selling videos

Apart from live webcam shows, you can also make extra cash on camsoda by selling videos for certain tokens. Consider uploading enticing videos to your profile page.

Selling photos

Some cam models also earn through this method. You can either upload quality photos on your profile for a price or for free for promotional purposes.

Add your chatstar link or Wishlist to your profile

If you are looking for more ways to earn through Camsoda, you should consider adding your chatstar link or Amazon Wishlist to your profile. Doing this enables more people to have access to your phone sex services.

Camsoda offers health insurance stipend to models

This is one of the benefits that you can gain from working as a cam model at Camsoda. If, for instance, you earn $3500 every month, Camsoda can give you a monthly bonus of $125 as long you show proof of health insurance. If you earn $7000 per month, expect a bonus of $250 per month. This is enough to cover insurance costs.

Camsoda allows cam splitting

Cam splitting enables you to stream cam in different sites at the same time. Since Camsoda offers this function, it can help you reach a large audience rather than streaming on one site. Feel free to stream on this site alongside others to expand your fan base.

This site also offers DCMA monitoring and takedown

As you stream on a cam site, there is the possibility of your video stream getting stolen. This will lead to less income and make it hard for your fans to find your legitimate stream. Every cam model that works with Camsoda can benefit from this site since it offers DCMA monitoring and takedowns. If your videos show up on free tube sites, the site can get them taken down on your behalf.

Camsoda has an affiliate program

You should promote Cam soda since this can help you earn more cash through the affiliate program. For every new cam model you refer to Camsoda, you will get a commission as long as you sign up for the affiliate program.

This site also supports studio accounts

If you are a studio model, you can still work with Camsoda since this site supports studio accounts. A studio owner should not only register models but also offer extra services like promotion and consultation. A studio should also have a physical location for the business.

Sign up with Camsoda today

You can run a successful career as a camsoda model. Sign up to this site today and start operating your own business.

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