50 Top of the Funnel Tests

  1. Use Facebook Video to Build a Retargeting Audience
  2. Run Facebook Canvas Ads to Increase Conversion Rates
  3. Use Facebook Groups for Content Traction and Branding
  4. Set Up Google AdWords Retargeting & Negative Keywords

  1. Use a Facebook Lookalike Audience from Your Customers with the Highest LTV
  2.  Write Hyper-Local Ad Copy for Hyper-Local Prospects, then Change Landing Pages Based on IP Address
  3. Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans using Automation (Audiense, Instagress, Mass Planner, FollowLiker)
  4. Interact with a Competitor’s Twitter Fans using Automation (Audiense, Instagress, Mass Planner, FollowLiker)
  5. SEO Your Quora and Blog Posts (Ubersuggest, Moz)
  6. Retarget Regular Website Visitors with Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  7. Interact with a Competitor’s LinkedIn Network Using LinkedIn Automation (Mass Planner, Dux-soup, GPZ LinkedIn Automation Tools )
  8. Scrape Emails from Different Sites (Scrapebox, Webscraper.io, Import.io)
  9. Scrape Emails from LinkedIn (Toofr, Email Hunter, Clearbit)
  10. Ask for Emails When People Want to Enter Your Facebook Group (Survey feature)
  11. Scaling Reach Out with CRM Tools (MixMax, PropellerCRM, Reply.io, Mailshake)
  12. Auto-Posting to Instagram (Grum.co, Mass Planner)
  13. Email Marketing Funnel Setup (Autopilot, Mailchimp, ConvertKit)
  14. Will Your Emails go to Spam? (G-Lock Apps, Mail Tester, Litmus)
  15. Using Retargeting Links and High-Level Tracking in Shared Links (Clickmeter)
  16. Use Social Discovery Tools to Find Influencers to Share Content (Audiense)
  17. Use Facebook@Work for Creating a Lead Gen Community (Facebook@Work)
  18. Use Slack for Creating a Lead Gen Community (Slack)
  19. Cross-Match Facebook Group Members with LinkedIn Profiles (UpWork)
  20. Cross-Match Facebook Event Attendees with LinkedIn Profiles (UpWork)
  21. Automate Pinterest Engagement to Generate Leads (Mass Planner)
  22. Cleaner Copywriting to Convey Your Message (Grammarly, Hemingway App)
  23. Using Facebook Live Stream with a Call to Action (OBS Software, BlueJeans)
  24. Setting Up Email Capture Forms on Your Website (Thrive Leads)
  25. Dominate Google Spreadsheets for Lead Gen (Hunter.io, Remove Duplicates, Clearbit Sheets, Sort by Color, Split Names, Power Tools)
  26. Optimizing YouTube Videos for SEO (Ubersuggest, Moz)
  27. Optimizing YouTube Channel for Generating  Leads
  28. Use Emotional Triggers in Your Cold Email Copy
  29. Share Content from Reddit and Quora Before it Goes Viral
  30. Pin Your Facebook Lead Gen Ad at the Top of Your Fan Page
  31. Analyze Your Competitor’s Traffic (Similar Web, Ahrefs, Alexa)
  32. Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Lower Your CPA
  33. Bid on Your Competitor’s Product Features Using Google AdWords
  34. Interview Industry Influencers for Interesting Case Studies (repurpose for  blog posts and podcasts)
  35. Use LinkedIn Ads for Hyper-Targeting Prospects
  36. Use Facebook Ads to Generate Media Buzz
  37. Use YouTube Ads to Target Your Competitor’s Videos
  38. Optimize Your Blog Content Based on Recent Controversial News
  39. Leverage Influencer Testimonials in Your Paid Campaigns
  40. Use Unbounce or Instapage for Faster Market Validation
  41. Event Marketing Using Meetup, Facebook Events, and Eventbrite
  42. Event Retargeting Using Meetup, Facebook Events, and Eventbrite
  43. Use Hyper-Local & Hyper-Relevant Copy for LinkedIn InMail Messaging
  44. Use Amazon Packages to Reach High Decision Makers
  45. Use Engineering as Marketing by Creating a Lead Generation Tool
  46. Develop Custom Python Scripts for Scraping Data (UpWork)
  47. Use Remarketing for Your Live Video Streams

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