Selling panties on Pantydeal

The merits and demerits of selling panties on Pantydeal

If you want to start selling panties online, brace yourself for a lot of competition. Due to the high number of sellers trying to make it in this business, the market seems to be saturated. Not many online platforms allow people to sell items such as panties online. You can, however, find a few sites that are willing to link up buyers and sellers.

A good example that many people use is Pantydeal. Is Pantydeal legit? Yes. This is a legit site that allows you to display what you are selling online after paying a certain fee. Find out if this is a good site to use for this business.

The merits of using Pantydeal


Most sellers of panties online like keeping their business a secret. If you can relate, Pantydeal can help you achieve anonymity. It can keep your identity safe. This site does not ask for personal details such as your identification number. It also offers a special badge that confirms that you are an actual person and not a bot. This verification is, however, not compulsory.

It has decent traffic

Since Pantydeal is quite popular, you should expect to get a considerable amount of traffic on this site. As soon as you start displaying your panties on this platform, you should expect to receive many messages. Though not every person on the site is interested in buying your panties, the traffic on Pantydeal is decent. This site can connect you with potential buyers that can help you earn money from the panty business.


Pantydeal legit site offers room for customization. It allows you to customize your bio and set your own prices. You can even upload your most preferred photo. Apart from selling panties, you can also use this listing site to market other items such as bras.


Despite such advantages, Pantydeal has many disadvantages that discourage some sellers from using this platform. Some of them include the following.

High charges

If you choose to use this site for marketing your panty business, you should know that it is not free. You have to pay $19 to start accessing most of the valuable features. Unfortunately, this site does not include a shopping cart that your buyers can use to buy panties directly from you. Once you have settled the monthly fee, you can now access messages to start interacting with potential clients. Though Pantydeal allows you to keep 100% of your earnings, the high monthly fee puts off some sellers. This is the only way that this site makes money.

Lack of payment processing

Pantydeal is not the best platform for selling panties online since it fails to include payment processing. Before you choose to use this platform, you should understand that it simply a listing site. It only links sellers to buyers but does not facilitate actual transactions. If you still want to use this site, be prepared to negotiate the cost of panties with buyers directly. This can be tedious since most buyers are used to using payment processing methods such as Cash app, Paypal, and Venmo.

Limited options and poor features

According to most Pantydeal reviews, the site does not have a lot of features. It comes with a poor layout and does not have many tutorial details that can help you learn how to use the available features. This site allows you to post a single image per store listing which is quite limiting when trying to sell many panties. Despite this, you can use the available private chat function to check the potential online buyers.

Low prices

You may not be able to make significant profits from selling panties on this site. Trying to negotiate considerable prices for panties with buyers is difficult. Most buyers on this site are always looking for very cheap panties. If you set very low prices for your panties to gain more customers, you may end up making losses rather than profits.

Scammers and freeloaders

This is also another issue that most sellers reveal regarding Pantydeal. Once you start marketing panties through this platform, you may receive many messages from people with lots of irrelevant questions. Some people on this site are only looking for dirty talk and are not interested in buying panties. Pantydeal has freeloaders, scammers, and bots that try to show that you have lots of traffic.

So, should you use Pantydeal to sell panties?

Based on all the negative reviews that Pantydeal has, it is fair to state that this is not the best site for selling panties. It has not only a high monthly fee but also lots of scammers and freeloaders. The lack of payment processing and also other valuable features discourage many panty sellers from signing up with this site.

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