Flirt4free now supports Lovense sex toys

Flirt4free is one of the camming sites that different cam models use to interact with their fans. Many models choose this camming site since it has numerous features and welcomes people of different genders and sexual orientations. Flirt4free is now more attractive since it adds support for Lovense sex toys.

Lovense is a famous company that produces quality sex toys that cam girls and boys can use on their cam shows. This manufacturer connects with different camming sites, including www flirt4free. Thanks to this integration, models at flirt4free can now provide more interactive tip to vibe shows. This can help one earn more profits through this camming site.

The initial launch of the Lovense integration

For a long time, flirt4free guys have been asking for this integration. The camming site granted this wish since it now adds support for Lovense sex toys. You need a Lovense device for you to log into the performer app. Once you log in and one of your clients tips you, your Lovense device is going to react. If the tip is high, the reaction will be longer.

During the initial launch of the Lovense support, the feature could only support one-way interaction. Sex toys could only interact through the camming site’s tipping functionality. This has changed since flirt4free started offering 2way Lovense toy interaction.

Flirt4free now adds support for two way interaction

This camming site continues to evolve. It now gives cam models and fans a better way of interacting since it offers 2-way support. As long as a client owns a Lovense device, the toys can interact with each other directly.

How to connect Lovense to flirt4free

Implementing a few flirt4free hacks can help you make this connection. Start by updating your PA to ensure that you are using the most recent version. You can access the Lovense feature on Windows. As you connect this two, you should know that there is no way you can modify the vibration times or tip reaction since this comes preset. Access iTunes or Google play to download Lovense connect. Ignore Lovense Remote since this app does not work with flirt4free.

Once you download the Lovense connect, different tip-controlled models will show up on the home page. A separate tab is designed to show clients the specific cam models that have Lovense devices. If you are a cam model that has signed up with flirt4free, you should consider using this integration since it can help you earn more.

Go through the Lovense sex toys marketed on this company’s official website and select a few that you can use on your cam shows. Some of the popular sex toys that most cam models choose from Lovense include Lovense edge, Lovense hush, and Lovense lush.

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