Reviewing Plexstorm, the adult gaming website

Adult content is more accepted than it was in the past. If you are a cam model and have been streaming on cam sites, you should consider promoting your content more through plexstorm. What is plexstorm? This is a unique platform that combines live cam streaming with online gaming. This platform now has a lot of features that can help cam models to earn some extra cash. Find out everything regarding this adult gaming website.

Introduction to Plexstorm

Also known as naked twitch, this platform has been running since 2018. According to reports, Plexstorm has more than 1 million visitors every month. Though the number of streamers is still small compared to other sites, this can benefit cam models since they allow you to capture more people. The website combines elements from both NSFW live camming and adult gaming. It offers services such as camming, subscription, and VOD.

The site recruits a creative team of experts that have been making changes to boost user experience. Since a regular streamers session can have between 20 and 50 participants, cam models can easily make profits from Plexstorm. Most models are impressed with the smart layout design of this site and its innovations. Once you visit the site, you will see a section labeled featured cams. Most of the content on this site is NSFW. This indicates a high likelihood of nudity. Plexstorm is, however, a small website with limited users.

How to join Plexstorm

This is a Switzerland-based site that gives NSFW streamers an opportunity to play different video games. According to comments on Plexstorm Reddit, many cam models reveal that joining this site is not hard. Even if you are new to using such cam sites, you can still sign up with this one without going through complicated steps. You can become a model on this site by creating an account. One of the reasons why Plexstorm has an instant appeal is because it lets models create free accounts.

To begin using this adult gaming site, click on the section labeled start streaming and upload an image that displays your identity documents. You have to show that you are over 18. Plexstorm takes a few hours to verify your details since it does not accept minors to join the site. Once you get verified, you can begin broadcasting and earning cash through this platform. This platform does not subject you to long fill-up forms that can be time-consuming. It also limits the amount of data it requests from new users to simplify things even further.

Ensure you have a secure place that you can stream from. If you wish to stream from a public place, you should beware of the guidelines that this site sets regarding such situations. For instance, the place should not have any kids or animals. Everyone who appears on the live stream should also be aware of this so that you are not fined or banned from using this platform.

You should have a phone or computer for you to start streaming. A well-equipped computer can help you play different games and stream without any problems. A good phone can also help you stream quality content. If your phone does not have the best camera, consider investing in a quality webcam. This platform requires more than any other conventional cam site. For instance, if you prefer playing console games, you require a capture card for streaming purposes. Some models, therefore, find getting started with the site a bit costly.

Payout details

With this site, you can stream yourself while playing video games or have chats as you show some sexual content. It, therefore, gives you a chance to sell content. Once you start earning from Plexstorm, you should expect payouts through its own currency. The platform has an internal currency that is not very different from tokens. You can earn around $0.05 for every plexdollar you get on this site. This means that 500 PD will be around $25. Since each token is about $0.12, you should expect a commission of 45%.

Plexstorm sets a minimum payout of $100. This is done just a few days before the end of the month. If you are using the site during weekends or holidays, you may experience some delays when it comes to payouts since Plexstorm processes payouts on business days. If you still prefer streaming during such days, consider converting your earnings to Plexdollars. Plexdollars refer to the highest amount one can obtain in Plexstorm. To purchase this, you need a credit or debit card.

Plexstorm offers payouts through methods such as Bank wire transfer and pay pal. Its payment options are limited since it does not provide methods such as Paxum. Despite this, Plexstorm covers chargebacks. Though Plexstorm is not as popular as other sites, it gives cam models a chance to make considerable amounts from it.

You only have to invest more time and effort to achieve this. If you are new to using cam sites, start by getting familiar with the terms of such sites before you proceed to avoid any surprises. If you prefer streaming games, you should also consider streaming to other sites such as GamewithMe or Twitch at the same time while your stream is safe for work.

How to start earning through Plexstorm

Plexstorm gives you an exciting way to make some extra cash from sexual content. It not only allows sexual content and nudity but also the use of different sex toys during streaming. According to its rules, it forbids streams based on things such as sexual violence or self-destructive behavior. Apart from that, it discourages harassment based on ethnicity, race, or religion. This platform welcomes people of different genders and orientations, including transgender, couples, females, and males.

To start earning cash through this platform, you can compel people to subscribe to your channel and pay to access your content. The tips often range from 5PD to 10,000 PD. Gamers sell different forms of adult content on this site. You can even lock certain content for followers to pay to unlock the content.

Giving cam shows through this platform can make you rich within a considerable amount of time. Feel free to save streams to a VOD library and encourage members to buy them individually. Though this platform did not initially offer an affiliate program, it now does. This program can help you earn some extra cash for referring other models to the site. If you are satisfied with this platform, tell other cam models about it and urge them to sign up.

Though other camming sites offer higher amounts, Plexstorm stands out since it offers gaming opportunities. According to a certain model, the traffic on this site is still low since this is not a very popular platform yet. You can take it as an alternative option if you are already using another cam site. If you enjoy playing different video games and would like to show yourself off on a webcam, Plexstorm is for you.

More details regarding this platform


Most cam models set up goals before they start streaming on Plexstorm. This site has a tips menu that gives the audience an opportunity to send their appreciation. Followers can tip to attain those goals. Some members, however, prefer setting tips to their favorite cam models offline.


One of the things that make Plexstorm stand out is the freedom it offers cam models. This site allows you to link different social media accounts. If you usually use platforms such as Youtube or Instagram, you can share your details with your members. Do not try to market your profile with any other camming site.

Idle streams

As you join this site, you should understand what is considered an idle stream. Plexstorm considers ignoring chats for a long time and failure to interact with members as an ideal stream. Though you can step away from the camera for a few minutes, do not do this for more than ten minutes. Ideal streams can make you get penalized.


Most of the members who are active on this cam site are polite. Plexstorm does not have a lot of opportunists. It has an active and strong community of users that enjoy chatting. Most people love watching highly interactive streamers entertaining them.


Plexstorm is always willing to assist Cam models from time to time. Most cam models are impressed with the kind of support system that they get from Plexstorm. It offers support through email and delivers fast responses. Some cam models, however, wish this platform could offer more guides for easier use.

The features and site usability

Plexstorm features live video with chat and audio to offer an interactive experience. Though this adult game streaming platform looks promising, it still lacks some features that are present on other sites. The good thing about Plexstorm is that it keeps on adding new features from time to time. For instance, it initially lacked a search functionality and referral program but has now embraced these features.

Once you sign up with this site, you can even see the extra features that will be introduced in the future. When it comes to site usability, most cam models are impressed with Plexstorm. You require open-source software such as OBS that can simplify the process of setting up a room. Some people, however, complain about the speed of this site.

Plexstorm is a great social network that allows cam models to connect with their fans over erotic games. You can make a living from this platform, depending on how you interact with the audience. All the best!

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