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Selling Passion in the Sex Industry


As someone who absolutely loves small business and entrepreneurship, I always look at the businesses around me and want to help improve them.

Lately I was doing a little bit of adult backlink research and came again across Chaturbate (NSFW). Although the profile links are nofollow and semi-useless for SEO, I thought this would be a good time to examine the business model in detail and see how people are selling what they have to offer. I will also give a few insights into how some of these cam models could be making a whole lot more money on the site.

Finding Relevant Backlinks in the Adult Industry


Finding relevant backlinks:

SEO is 50% really strong on site work and technical excellence and 50% backlink authority and relevant offsite work. The onsite is straightforward. Most SEO professionals can do a competent onsite implementation.

But backlinks are another story completely. The adult niche is known as one of the hardest industries to get backlinks. Who wants to link out to porn videos? Not the New York Times, right? Or anyone else, really.