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Cum să vă optimizați contul OnlyFans


OnlyFans este o platformă online pentru generarea de conținut care vă permite să percepeți o taxă recurentă pentru ca adepții să se aboneze și să vă vizualizeze conținutul. Deși este utilizat în mod obișnuit pentru conținut sexual, este, de asemenea, frecventat de diverse tipuri de creatori de conținut, cum ar fi influencerii din domeniul frumuseții, sportivii, comedianții și muzicienii.

Site Optimization – 5 Essential Elements in On-Page SEO: speed/UX


Do you have a website and want it to be displayed at the top of Google organic results? You’ll need to focus on an On-Page SEO strategy.

But what do we really mean by website optimization?

What are keywords? 9 types of keywords and Google recommendations


Implementing an SEO campaign without a detailed analysis and a well-developed process to locate words relevant to your business (and searched for in Google) is similar to launching a new product on the market without conducting prior market research.

In other words, working blind. Don’t ignore the importance of keywords to the SEO process.

What is Core Web Vitals and how it will affect your website in 2022


In its journey to deliver better organic results and user-centric experiences, Google has announced a new organic results ranking factor that will massively influence SEO in 2021: The Core Web Vitals.

The fact that Google considers user experience in the search engine to rank sites is nothing new. There have been a few experience signals around for some time that analyze whether a webpage is mobile optimized or if the site is safe.

Marketing for Grandparents


I don’t think I’ll ever forget my grandfather watching TV, like any other retired grandfather with the fruits of the garden already gathered, getting annoyed every time his favorite snooze show was interrupted by a commercial:

“What’s with all the commercials? They only advertise products that don’t sell.”

Little did Grandpa know back then that I was going to get my degree in, guess what, advertising.